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Not to brag, but we revolutionized patient and provider communication by introducing video remote interpreting (VRI) into the market. As a telehealth groundbreaker, we focus on developing platforms that restore the joy in our healthcare customers’ work by allowing them to focus on people instead of technology. From telehealth visits to extended hospital stays, our digital solutions help patients and providers connect, build rapport, and make healthcare encounters more meaningful. We extend your reach and improve your workflows by scaling our platforms to meet your individual needs. Our technology is easy to use, reliable, and scalable with one simple goal: connecting people.

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In today’s fast paced environment, you don’t have time to wait. Luckily, Cloudbreak is ready to partner with you without missing a beat. Healthcare doesn’t work with a one size fits all solution, which is why our platform molds to you, not the other way around. Achieve your digital transformation by leveraging your existing investments with our interoperable solutions to create one, cohesive workflow. Our medical interpreters ensure you can provide care in over 250 languages. Add an interpreter to an ongoing consultation, loop in a specialist, include a guest, and more. With Cloudbreak you can connect with your patients anywhere, anytime, in any language.

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Language Access

Cloudbreak’s Martti solution puts certified and qualified medical interpreters within reach and one-touch simplicity, in 250+ languages, 24/7. Whether at the bedside with a mobile cart or throughout your health system, Martti integrates with your EHR, telehealth, and patient experience investments, ensuring language access, any time, anywhere.

Virtual Care

Bedside care equips a single patient room with telequarantine, teletherapy, telenursing, multi-party calling, medical interpretation, and more. Connecting inside the hospital helps protect your team and streamline operations while empowering patients to engage in their own care.

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Connect with your patients from anywhere. Process billing, manage your appointments, send prescriptions securely — everything you need for a traditional visit, done in a web browser. Provide your patients with equitable care available at any time, on any device.

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We believe in restoring the human connection in healthcare, and bringing the joy of care back to providers. Our platforms are designed to integrate with your clinical and operational workflows, ensuring that the technology molds to how your team works, not the other way around. We are committed to overcoming healthcare disparities with language access available anywhere, any time, at the touch of a button. And, we believe that it takes all of us working together to build the future. Which is why we’ve built our expertise working with both large national healthcare systems and small local community providers. We scale our solutions to meet each individual client’s needs.

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But don’t just take our word for it

We don’t only measure our impact in numbers. We measure it in experiences, too. From restoring the joy of the calling for care teams to making hospital stays more comfortable for patients, we count every life we touch. Here’s how we’ve made an impact for our customers.

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“At both Lee Memorial Hospital and Gulf Coast Medical Center emergency departments I have heard nothing but praise from all staff and physicians. This integration makes the workflow of the front line staff easier. The EDs are a tough place to be during this COVID crisis—so the MARTTI tool has been beneficial to them.”

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In a COVID situation, when we’re in full PPE gear, most of your face is covered. We’re just screaming through layers of plastic and mask, trying to communicate with the patient. This technology has made our interactions mid-pandemic more humane, to be able to speak with someone on that level.

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Cloudbreak Health, an UpHealth Company, Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

Cloudbreak Health, an UpHealth Company, Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification


Cloudbreak Health, an UpHealth Company, Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

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Visit our blog to learn more: https://www.cloudbreak.us/2021/09/13/certified-deaf-interpreters/

We are very excited to announce that we now have Certified Deaf Interpreters available on our Martti platform!

Who are Certified Deaf Interpreters, why are they necessary for humanizing healthcare, and how does Cloudbreak Health, an @UpHealthInc company, utilize their skills?

#WhatWeAreReading: Masks have been an effective safety measure during the pandemic, but they complicate communication for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Video Interpreters are able to bridge the gap between providers and patients in hospitals to clarify understanding.

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We’re looking forward

We’ve teamed up with Caregility and Oneview to design the care room of the future. Read our blog to learn more about inpatient virtual care, how to design your own digital strategy, and what steps to take next.

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