As we wrap up the year, it’s time to reflect on some of the highlights in 2019 and begin to look ahead to what’s in store for 2020.

The Cloudbreak Health team kicked off 2019 with CEO Jamey Edwards taking the stage as a Health Transformer Spotlight presenter at StartUp Health. Jamey set the tone for the year by speaking about innovation in digital health and asking the question “What if?…” when it comes to connecting patients to care independent of location and language. Shortly thereafter, a contingent of the Cloudbreak team descended on Orlando to take part in HIMSS 2019. As part of our theme to #humanizehealthcare, Jamey presented to a crowd on the themes of the power of language, driving adoption, and supporting culture change. Sure, technology was discussed as well, but we thought that a health tech conference of 45,000 people was a terrific opportunity to underscore the human element as central to achieving our mission.

Part of supporting innovation includes taking new approaches to the way we structure our team. So, in 2019 we recognized seven-year veteran team member Tatiana González-Cestari with a new role of Director of Language Service Advocacy. This shift for Tati – who had worked in interpreter education, compliance, and other roles over the years – reflects the continued emphasis we place on engaging the interpreter community and sharing our thought leadership at conferences and with customers across the country.

Probably the most significant news of 2019 is the arrival of Martti Next – the newest generation of Martti software and the most substantial enhancement to the platform in years. With Martti Next, provider users and patients have noticed a more streamlined navigation of the software, plus support for enhanced resolution and improved call handling. Here’s what one of our users at a large health system recently had to say about the Martti Next experience:

Patients and providers are extremely happy with the high video resolution that allows the interpreter to relay the message in real time, including working with deaf patients that use ASL for their communication. The hand movement for ASL interpreters is so clear that our patients are able to easily read the finger spelling while simultaneously interpreting for providers. Because of this high technology, their talented and experienced interpreters are able to showcase their skills in order to effectively facilitate communication between staff and community members.

And those advancements come with recognition. Over the summer Cloudbreak Health was recognized with a number of awards for the company’s innovation and achievements in healthcare technology. Cloudbreak was awarded Best Overall MedTech Software in MedTech Breakthrough’s 2019 Awards Program. MedTech Breakthrough is an independent organization recognizing the top companies and solutions in the global health and medical technology market. Around that time, the Los Angeles Business Journal named Cloudbreak Health the 2019 Health Care Supplier of the Year at its annual Health Care Leadership Awards. These awards recognize the top medical professionals, community health programs, medical teams and providers throughout the Los Angeles area, highlighting the accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have made great strides in providing better quality of health care in Los Angeles and beyond. And co-founder and COO of Cloudbreak Health, Andy Panos, was named an honoree of the Columbus Smart 50 Awards by the Smart Business Network. The Central Ohio Smart 50 list recognizes leaders who are passionate about the work they do and make a noticeable impact on the communities, industries, and organizations in which they work and live.

Finally, we’ve made updates to the way we communicate to our users and the broader community. We’ve launched a monthly newsletter to share updates, not only about Cloudbreak, but about developments that are relevant to language access and telemedicine. And we’ve greatly expanded our social media presence, finding new ways to engage with our extended community, wherever they are.

As we look back on 2019, we’re grateful for all the patients, providers, administrators, team members, and others who made the journey with us. As we look ahead to 2020, we expect to see continued innovation, both in our product offering and in the way we serve and support our partners. We can’t predict what the future will hold, but the mission to #humanizehealthcare will continue as ever in 2020.