Our Mission


Cloudbreak is a team of innovators dedicated to building solutions that address the healthcare disparities impacting patients across the nation. We fight for a future where patients can receive care at any time, in any place, on any device and in any language. We develop platforms that restore the joy in our clients’ work by allowing them to focus on people instead of technology. Our tech is easy to use, reliable and scalable. ​

Our Team

Meet the people who make our vision possible

Our Values

We strive to reflect our values in our work everyday

We respect each other

We are a diverse company dedicated to creating a more equitable healthcare system. But equality starts with us. We treat each other with respect and always make time to listen


We follow through

When we make a promise we stick to it, and deliver. We hold ourselves and each other accountable


We go beyond

We always consider what more we can do. We look forward and ask about the impact of our actions. We always ask, “What comes next?” and “How can we improve?”


We are compassionate

We are genuinely committed to making a difference. It’s not a schtick. Passion drives us and we bring compassion wherever we go, from our daily interactions to our latest platforms


We are innovators

Telehealth isn’t a single solution, but an ever-evolving strategy. We are always looking for the next step and asking how we can improve


We are teamplayers

We believe it takes all of us to make a difference. We stay humble, ask for help, and reach out to others. We believe every voice deserves to be heard, because we’re in this together

team working together

Our Commitment
to Quality

We’re dedicated to superior service for our clients, our partners, and our team

Cloudbreak is committed to quality by delivering high standards of service through our products. With a culture focused on innovation, superior process control, and a dedication to continual improvements, we strive to not only satisfy but exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients and partners.

Our Actions

We believe in giving back to the communities we’re a part of

With offices in more than half a dozen cities across the nation, we have the unique opportunity to make an impact in a big way at the local level. We invest in opportunities that support our employees and the communities they come from. In 2019, we launched an employee health initiative that included participating in local 5ks that supported causes we believed in. Pictured above are members of our Columbus, OH team participating in the CRIS annual 5k that supports Columbus’ migrant population with classes, resources, and support.

Cloudbreak team posing after an outdoor activity

Join the Team

Ready to make a difference?

We believe everyone deserves the same access to reliable healthcare. ​We believe diversity is a strength. We know our work makes a difference in the lives of others. ​

We look for passionate innovators who are dedicated to making a difference. If our culture sounds like a fit for you, check out our available positions.

Cloudbreak team huddle ending with everyone cheering