Our belief that healthcare should be simple, caring, and human stands at the center of how we think and work, and empowers us to help you solve your challenges, optimize your offering, and compete in the marketplace.

Strategic Challenges

An organization's approach to its high-level challenges makes patients and staff more confident by not just solving problems, but by enabling sustainable performance.


Effective Population Health Strategy

Cloudbreak thinks differently about population health. Beyond the goals of improving outcomes, reducing cost, and ensuring satisfaction, we bring solutions that allow hospitals to extend their reach beyond their own walls and help patients wherever they are.



Reducing Healthcare Disparities

We break down barriers to healthcare education and resources — especially for people with limited access or inclination because of their current health, incidence of disease, income, race, gender, or geography. Our telehealth technologies provide access through phones, tablets, computers, and kiosks.



Expanding Hospital Offerings and Resources

Our partner hospitals can offer a wider spectrum of care with more specialties, including services that can be shared across their own networks and easy-to-understand interfaces that staff want to use. Being part of our ecosystem also lets you offer your services outside of your organization — to other hospitals and care centers, further increasing your ROI.


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Tactical Challenges

Cloudbreak seeks to smooth out challenges of all sizes in the services, processes, and tools on the frontlines of patient care.

Prioritizing Interoperability

We make sure technology -- and all the pieces of equipment you've already invested in -- stops letting you down. Cloudbreak fulfills the promises of connectivity and simplicity by unifying the tools you have, getting them to speak not just to each other, but to other hospitals and care centers to help you collaborate and share resources.

Ensuring Compliance

Cloudbreak's own rigorous standards are in place to make sure patient safety and security are top priority. But we also back this up by ensuring compliance to industry and government standards, including HIPAA and other laws protecting patient information, and the Affordable Care Act's requirements for interpretation resources.

Providing Proper Language Services

Clear communication is crucial for delivering quality care and it builds patients' confidence and trust in their healthcare providers. Cloudbreak makes sure Limited English Proficient and Deaf/Hard of Hearing patients have fast and easy access to high-quality interpretive services with experts trained not only in their language but in the specifics of healthcare.

Reducing Complexity

Complicated interfaces and the need to learn multiple systems add unnecessary challenges for hospital staff, who may discard a tool because of poor usability. Cloudbreak ensures high adoption by making sure tools are easy to use, uncluttered, and understandable at a glance.

Revitalizing Legacy Infrastructure

Cloudbreak solutions start with the infrastructure you already have in place. We leverage your existing technology investments and make them more effective and valuable to your organization.

Enhancing Existing Workflows

Our goal is to augment the way you work, not impose new things for your team to learn, so we start by understanding what your staff is used to and then configuring capabilities to adhere to them. Workflows customized around your practice style make it easier for your staff to adopt the technology.

Identifying and Resolving Other Challenges

Cloudbreak technology delivers a positive impact in so many more areas of your organization, including patient satisfaction, quality of service, risk reduction, incentive programs, and readmissions.