Effective Population Health Strategy

Helping You Achieve the Quadruple Aim

The pressure is on. Reduce costs. Improve outcomes. Ensure patient satisfaction. Keep providers happy. Achieving the Quadruple Aim is a big task, but Cloudbreak can help you do it. By leveraging our telehealth technologies, we put patients in the center of a team of experts, where they can truly be seen, understood, and treated. This is how we ensure each piece of the Quadruple Aim, and how we can help you work across the population – serving those with acute and chronic needs, as well as people with health risks and those who we just want to keep healthy.

Sick Is Rarely Simple

It's not just medicine and healthcare that seem so complex today. Sickness isn't as straight-forward either. More and more, patients dealing with one chronic disease actually have multiple co-morbid conditions. For example, a morbidly obese patient with heart disease is likely also dealing with diabetes, sleep apnea, ulcers, or depression. And maybe they smoke, too. You're likely to see more problems in one patient than specialties in your practice.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Treating a patient with multiple conditions takes multiple skillsets. Cloudbreak brings them all together at the same time. We put the patient in the center and maximize your resources across facilities.

Telehealth Wins the War on Logistics

We're here to improve understanding because that's often what stands in the way of getting patients to follow the plan of care their doctors recommend. Our video interactions go well beyond interpretation services. Whether it's a foreign language or body language, Cloudbreak technology pulls the team -- doctor, nurse educator, behavioral consultant, health coach, dietician, and caregiver -- around the patient and removes the communication barriers that stand in the way of meeting their healthcare needs.

Cloudbreak's platform has allowed USC to bring its telestroke services to underserved communities, eliminating healthcare disparities and improving overall outcomes. Their platform is easy to use and customized to my workflows."

Dr. Ben Emanuel, Keck Medical Center

Avanti Hospitals and Keck Medical Center/USC

A local hospital serving a diverse population, Avanti desired its 4 hospitals to become accredited stroke centers, but lacked neurologists on staff to perform the service and had difficulty in attracting full-time staff.


Does your community have healthcare disparities?