Maximizing and Utilizing Healthcare Resources

Helping you provide continuous, comprehensive care

For every patient who arrives at your hospital, we’ll make sure you can give them the care they need, even if you don’t have that expertise or specialty in your building. Our ability to expand your offerings also means we can help you utilize your services in other facilities. Cloudbreak helps reduce the stress on patients from moving around and maintain the immediate and longer-term revenue.

Imbalance of Resources

There's no such thing as the perfect fit -- not within the walls of any given hospital. And whether you have a satellite community hospital that doesn't offer the breadth of services of the main hospital in the network, or you're concerned about maximizing the resources that you're fortunate enough to have in a larger institution, achieving a balance is an ongoing challenge.

The Strategic Advantage of a Telehealth Ecosystem

The network effects of the Cloudbreak Marketplace mean you can expand to provide the continuum of care that your patients require or extend your resources -- beyond your building -- to those who need them.

Infrastructure Designed for Your Needs

Finally a technology that doesn't gather dust. At Cloudbreak we didn't just break down the barriers that got in the way of serving patients or utilizing staff, we did it with a system that your team will use and love. We designed our simplified, easily understandable interfaces to make sure your staff embraces and adopts them. Plus, we want to help you serve your entire community, so in addition to solving the challenges of acute care patients, Cloudbreak makes it easier for you to provide services to patients with chronic illnesses and those at risk, and help the healthiest population stay that way.

Our marketplace has your custom resource solution.