Reducing Healthcare Disparities

Keeping quality care within everyone’s reach

Family genes aren’t the only factor that influences our health. Whether it’s access to healthcare, poverty, lack of education, environmental, or behavioral factors, some groups of people face more health and healthcare challenges than others. But we’re working to change that. At Cloudbreak, we understand these disparities and we’re using our telehealth technology to eliminate them. The Cloudbreak infrastructure is designed to flex in size and specialty so we can provide additional resources when and where they are needed.

Differences with Drawbacks

The reality is, some communities have better medical resources than others, and some areas lack an expertise entirely. And some minorities have higher incidence of diseases -- like heart disease -- than others. Culture, race, gender, location, income, access to resources, and even people's comfort level with going to the doctor, all play influential roles in their healthcare.

Building Bridges and Expanding Reach

We're here to close these gaps. Cloudbreak brings experts together and gets the right information to the right people. We expand the reach of traditional hospitals and medical practices to provide the access that all populations need to get the healthcare they deserve.

Access Whenever, Wherever, However

No one said providing healthcare was simple, but since Cloudbreak takes out the biggest obstacles -- like communication, education, and trust -- meeting people's healthcare needs gets a lot simpler. For example, since the Latino population has a higher risk of developing diabetes, a patient who only speaks Spanish will be much more open and better prepared to prevent the disease if she has the education she needs. That means speaking to her in her language, building her trust with a person she can see, and reaching her where it's convenient for her.

LEP and Deaf Patients Do NOT Receive the Same Standard of Care as Their English Speaking Counterparts

Does your hospital have limited resources?