Our end-to-end, turnkey solution

Cloudbreak Health has more than 10,000 endpoints in service across the United States. These devices not only support Martti video and audio interpretation calls; they also constitute a distributed network that can deliver fast, secure telemedicine consultations among providers or between providers and patients.

Through our latest software development, Cloudbreak’s interoperability features allow it to natively integrate with multiple leading platforms currently in use with our hospital customers. These integrations also can be used in many of the major EMR systems used by hospitals including Cerner, EPIC, athenahealth, and Allscripts. We’re committed to integrating with existing tools and workflows to enable the best experience in patient care for our users.

Now, hospital staff can initiate Cloudbreak sessions from their video platforms with the touch of a button. Through these integrations, we deliver a true clinical operating system that includes:

  • Multi-specialty call capabilities will integrate multiple parties in one video session
  • Thousands of potential use cases
  • Shared content and whiteboarding
  • Integration with numerous hospital systems (EMR, PACS, peripherals, RPM tools)

These integrations allow for our clients to leverage their existing enterprise investments to use our software and services while significantly increase access to our platform throughout our health systems without the need for capital expenditures (capex).

Some of our video integration partners currently supported: