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Martti makes
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Language access made easy

At Cloudbreak, our technologies focus on one simple goal – connecting people. Effective communication with patients is critical to safety and quality of care. Cloudbreak’s Martti helps you connect, communicate, and provide excellent care to your limited English proficient, Deaf, and hard of hearing patients. Our language access solution integrates with EHR, telehealth, and patient experience platforms to help you take language access wherever you need it.

Simple solution, big impact

Find the language you need quickly, and easily

When a patient doesn’t speak the same language as the care team, it creates very real challenges, driving defensive medicine, inefficient care, creating bottlenecks, and exponentially increasing stress. Cloudbreak Martti can help relieve the pressure, build trust, and expedite bedside care and beyond. We deliver a huge difference for both patients and providers in an easy-to-use solution, because we believe in keeping it simple.

Qualified interpreters

You’re in good hands

We don’t just look for language proficiency when recruiting our interpreters. We look for passion. That’s because its not easy to become a Martti interpreter. We require our staff to complete 80 hours of training in their first year and an additional 10 hours of training annually. We keep our team at the forefront of the industry with medical terminology, relevant news, and cultural training. With our own internal Quality Assurance team, we regularly audit calls, provide helpful tips, and create relevant programs to support our interpreters to be their very best.

Language access
needs are expanding.
So is Martti.

You know and trust Martti. Now you can access Martti’s critical services across your entire health system with the touch of a button. Martti has redefined interoperable VRI in healthcare, seamlessly integrating with a multitude of platforms including Zoom, Epic, and Caregility. What does this mean for you? It means more access to the industry’s most qualified interpreters at your fingertips. It means your patients have more peace of mind. It means Martti is everywhere you need it to be.

Why Martti?

The best in video interpreting
medical interpreter

Qualified Interpreters 24/7

Qualified medical interpreters anywhere, anytime, and on any device

language access

More Languages

250+ languages available, with more than 60 available in crystal clear video

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Easy to Use

Simple, elegant design that your team can learn to use in minutes

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Martti integrates with EHRs, patient experience, and telehealth platforms to extend your investments

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Health Equity

Provide the same care for Deaf, hard of hearing, and limited English proficient patients

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Better Outcomes

Reduce risk and improve patient satisfaction with clearer communication and more compassionate care

Any device

Interpretation available however you need it

Cloudbreak Martti is available on iPhone, iPad, and in your browser. Our solutions make sure you can connect with, communicate with, and care for your patients no matter the barrier. With interpreters available for both video remote interpretation (VRI) and over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) we are always ready to meet your needs.

Cloudbreak VVP with interpreter on desktop, tablet and mobile phone

“Cloudbreak has been amazing, we’re able to reduce physical contact between providers, patients, and interpreters dramatically and reduce the use of PPE in our health system. Thanks for everything!”

– Evan Lee-Ferrand, Medical Interpreter Supervisor for VCU Health, Richmond, VA

Get it right the
first time

Communication is the number 1 diagnostic tool for providers

Language access ensures better communication, meaning a better understanding of symptoms and a more accurate diagnosis, leading to better patient outcomes. Limited English proficient (LEP), Deaf, and hard of hearing patients should have equal access to care, and with Cloudbreak’s Martti, they can. Our services are fully compliant, meeting all HIPAA and accessibility guidelines to ensure we’re providing the best possible experience for your patients and providers.

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