Our ecosystem of network-certified subspecialists is waiting to be brought together around your patient. We make sure you have the right resource available at the push of a button.

How It Works

Imagine being able to keep your patients in one place and provide them all the services they need. With Cloudbreak, your hospital immediately expands its capabilities with on-demand access to services from national (licensed in your state) providers of teleneurology, telestroke, telepsychiatry, tele-ICU, and other specialties, all through a single platform. It’s easy. Connect. Communicate. Care.™

Why Participate?

Cloudbreak’s telemedicine marketplace was the nation’s first market network dedicated to helping hospitals in need find a reliable, licensed, and credentialed resource while allowing hospitals with capacity to share their expertise nationwide.

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Why Offer Your Telemedicine Resource with Cloudbreak?

  • Ready-made business development opportunity with more than 1,000 hospitals
  • Turn your expertise into a profitable opportunity
  • Reliable performance with our industry leading network and platform


Why Find your Telemedicine Resource with Cloudbreak?

  • Marketplace providers are certified on the Cloudbreak Network to be interoperable with the Cloudbreak Telemedicine Platform
  • Cloudbreak gives you the ability to select a resource that fits your strategy
  • Cloudbreak will support your telemedicine implementation


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Marketplace Specialties

Our partners are all certified on the Cloudbreak Telehealth Delivery Network to provide services to member hospitals.



With access to a variety of neurology providers, your patients can get earlier diagnoses and optimized treatments for conditions including headaches, dementia, strokes, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy.



Stroke situations require speed so it’s crucial that our partners can quickly download and interpret CT scans, then talk to and evaluate your patients through remote video conferencing.



Our providers are the national leaders in telepsychiatry service delivery, offering comprehensive, high-quality behavioral health management programs.



We partner with some of the leading tele-ICU providers so we can offer deep clinical, operational, and technical expertise, and optimize performance and delivery of the highest quality of patient care.


Other Specialties

Our partners and members offer a range of specialties to meet your health system’s telemedicine needs. These specialties include pulmonary care, dermatology, podiatry, and many more.

Have specialties that could contribute to our marketplace?

Turn your investment into a new business opportunity by sharing your expertise.


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Marketplace Services

Cloudbreak provides continual, live support and service in both staffing and IT. We make sure your hospital is functioning the way it needs to in order to take the best care of its patients, all day, every day.


Language Services

We provide 24/7 access to on-demand certified medical interpreting resources in more than 250 languages for patients who are Limited English Proficient, Deaf, or Hard of Hearing. Nearly 60 of these languages are available in live video — the largest offering in the industry.


Outsourced Services

We understand that your internal team may need help implementing our technologies. We offer a range of technical and management support services to fill any holes in your current team or infrastructure.


Other Services

We employ and partner with the best in the industry so we can provide expert support services, any way you need them, to your hospital or health system as you implement and practice telemedicine.

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Representative Partners

Our partners include a broad-reaching and diverse set of health systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, cancer centers, clinics, and telemedicine services.

Below are some of our trusted partners:

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