Using technology to humanize healthcare means having a platform that works where, when, and how you do. That's why we built the Cloudbreak platform to be flexible, easy to use, and customizable to your specific situation -- and made it available for a variety of devices. That's also why you'll partner with an experienced team that's dedicated to your success and prepared for healthcare's next evolution.

Getting Started


Innovative telehealth enablement strategies

After connecting with more than 1,000 hospitals’ networks across the country, we have yet to find a problem we can’t solve. Our expert team gets in at the ground level to understand your challenges and figure out what needs to happen to resolve it, so your team can focus on the business of treating patients.


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Our Solutions Pillars

Our Cloudbreak Platform

Behind the scenes–and behind the screens–we bring it all together. We integrate all parts of the experience into a simple interface, and streamline the equipment your team needs, for a smooth workflow and positive bottom line.


Our Cloudbreak Network

Let us add you to the first and largest national private broadband network optimized for telehealth. Today, more than 1,000 hospitals that are performing over 1,000,000 encounters per year swear by Cloudbreak. Shouldn’t you? By maintaining our own flexible network we ensure you will get a quality of service that is far superior to public internet options like VPN or standard encryption, with the support your organization needs to be successful.


Our Cloudbreak Marketplace

We help you expand your offering by giving you access to services and specialists that you don’t have on staff. With this enablement platform you can provide your patients with the care they need, and offer your specialties beyond the walls of your hospital.


Ongoing Partnership


Our investment in you

We’re here to help you achieve culture change, adoption of these new capabilities, and real outcomes. We are unique in the market in that we invest in people to act as extensions of your team. Our Partner Engagement Managers are walking your hallways, proactively working with your people, and securing your objectives — so you don’t have to. It’s a win/win and consistently raved about by our partners as that unexpected special asset that made all the difference in the world.