Getting Started

Innovative telehealth enablement strategies

The siloed nature of today’s services makes successful patient outcomes even more difficult. Virtual urgent care. Virtual neurology. Virtual pathology. Online behavioral consults. Language services. All working independently — to a fault. Why not connect and integrate these siloed services? Why not use a service that works with all the formats these siloes built themselves on? We believe a world-class health ecosystem needs every asset to work together.


The decrease, on average, in the readmission rate for hospitals that partner with Cloudbreak Telehealth Services.

Strategic Planning

Let us put a matrix in place to enable your ecosystem to work to its fullest efficiency — or to work in concert with other systems. Our plan will ensure that patients and doctors can not only access the entire range of your providers, but other providers as well.

Organizational Readiness

Expectations are shifting in healthcare. Patients expect more immediacy and convenience, and new ways to access care. The government and payors expect more accountability and efficiency. Providers expect less pain in their job, not more. We help you re-imagine workflows and use technology to get you ready for the new world.

Technology Selection

There is no shortage of solutions, technology, or gear in the world today. But they’re all siloed. They’re all designed to exclude other solutions. That doesn’t help. Our mindset is to get your stuff to work together and further your cause. We can help you think through your technology selections or help you reconcile selections you’ve already made.

Legal Compliance

Healthcare is one of the most regulated industries in our country — with multiple authorities, federal, state, local, and otherwise. We can help you think through the considerations and build a program above reproach.

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