The Cloudbreak Network

Our proven path to critical communication

We built the Cloudbreak Telehealth Delivery Network (CTDN) as a flexible, hybrid network. Made up of multiple-carrier private MPLS networks, private fiber, and peering relationships, we have multiple high-capacity entrances, which means we’re connecting you quickly and securely to all the telehealth services you need. Combining our reliable services with carrier class hardware, monitoring, and management means CTDN is a network you can count on for critical services.

Dependable, Defendable Service

Our private network provides a level of support and quality of service that you won’t find on the public internet. It’s not prone to the internet’s common distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can paralyze a server and is immune to net neutrality issues like secondary tariffs for high-bandwidth applications such as bi-directional HD video and high-priority, low-latency applications.

Built for Growth

With more than 1,000 sites already in our network, more than 5,400 video endpoints, and more than 1,000,000 annual connections, we are in a great position to help growing telehealth organizations like yours fulfill your most pressing telemedicine needs.

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