Ongoing Partnership

Our investment in you

A great platform is only as good as the people using it and they are only as good as the training and support they receive. With Cloudbreak, instead of simply receiving standard phone or email support, you will be regularly visited by cultural change agents — we call them Partner Engagement Managers (PEMs). Our PEMs are dedicated to walking the halls to make sure all equipment is in working order, providing initial training and in-servicing as well as rounding with clinicians regularly to make sure they are not only comfortable with the system but excited to use it.


Live technical support from our team of experts.

Network Connectivity

Private or public pathway — it makes no difference to us. We can optimize either for you. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and we’ll assist you in understanding them to make informed decisions.

Telehealth Hosting

We focus on the technology so you don’t have to. We can host or we can manage your capabilities hosted elsewhere. Either way, our aim is to enable you to focus on taking care of people unencumbered by your tech.


We use a hybrid of Agile development and Project Management process to develop requirements, establish timelines with milestones, and deliver the capabilities for user acceptance testing before full deployment. Post launch, we de-bug as necessary and transition to an operations mode in controlled manner. Your staff will receive the support they need every step of the way.

Technical Support

Skilled network and technical engineers available around the clock to solve your problems. We understand that healthcare is not 9-to-5.

Bringing together the resources you need.