The Cloudbreak Platform

Our flexible streamlined solution

This user interface — for patients, for providers, for staff — enables your community to interact virtually. Behind the scenes, the Cloudbreak platform handles the technology so your team doesn’t have to. Connect. Communicate. Care.™

Hardware Integration

Why be limited? Our platform is designed to enable you to connect resources through a multitude of channels. It’s device agnostic and able to use any standards-based hardware so you can recoup your historical investments and improve your ROI.

User Interface

Driving adoption and long term use of tools is so challenging. It’s why we focus relentlessly on user experience — making our interfaces simple, intuitive, and tailored to the workflows of those using them. Our interfaces can be standalone or integrated into your current experience.


iPads talking to iPads talking to computers talking to humans can get a little crazy as you scale up. But making this work is at the heart of what we do — consolidating into one tool so your team can go to one place and not have to toggle between apps or talk to a chorus of devices.


Utilize all your assets together and improve your ROI with a unifying solution. When different departments invest in their own solutions they can’t interact with each other. Interoperability future-proofs your organization and allows you to focus on future projects without restrictions.

Specialized Reporting & Analytics

Information isn’t very helpful if you can’t take action on it. That’s why we’ve built tools that find the patterns, tease out and present easy-to-consume insights. It’s about connecting dots and our reporting is highly customizable and quite sophisticated so you don’t waste time deciphering the data.

Free Downloadable App

Our platform is designed to be in ready reach for any consumer — so our capabilities are readily accessible in apps that can be downloaded to your mobile device. Essentially, any device, anywhere, anytime.

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